My name is Chris Slappendel, welcome to this website. The articles on this website resemble me. It is about the earth, about people, about organizations. If I must define myself in one word, it would be committed. Because I am committed. To people, growth and results, connecting, tigers and to life.


Fuenta brings organisations to the next level by integrating innovation, leadership and culture. With coaching, consulting and participation.
Serious business, combined with doing good.

Edition Earth

With Fuenta and other organizations and individuels we're developing Edition Earth, a series of activities to raise awareness on the common threads within all initiatives that help to recover our planet.


As a freelance entrepreneur I commit myself to the goals of my assignment. Sometimes it is for coaching, sometimes it is for interim management and sometimes it is for consultancy.

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"The way things go - there is always a 'why'. And I am interested in the why. It's the start of sustainable change."
Chris Slappendel
Chris Slappendel
Committed to change
Chris Slappendel



2007 - Present


As a self-employed professional I worked with numerous companies, like AEGON NV, Hutten NV, Ahrend Inrichten NV, Personal Fitness Nederland/Personal Fit 4 Life, De Haeghe Groep, Knab. The red threads within the assignments always had to do with organizational and cultural change, customers and results.

1998 - 2007

Company life

I started my career with Nationale-Nederlanden, an insurance company in The Netherlands. In my first job I was an acceptor of car insurances, but I got an early promotion. Within 2,5 years I was the youngest manager ever within the company and at age 24 I was promoted during a reorganization.

Before the Millennium I changed into marketing jobs. First within Nationale-Nederlanden and later within De Goudse, another Dutch insurance company.

After the Millennium I got a job offer within sales, being a manager of a legal insurance company named DAS. I worked here for almost 4 years when I left this company to start working for a privately held company, where I became Commercial Director.

Headhunters asked me to join BSC (now Cendris) but this was not the best choice of my career. Within six months I switched to AEGON, also a major insurance company in The Netherlands, where I worked for almost 6 years, before I started as a self-employed professional.

2017 - present

Partner Fuenta

Fuenta brings companies to the next level by integrating innovation, leadership and culture with coaching, consultancy and partnerships. Serious business, combined with doing good.



HEAO, commercial economics


MEAO, commercial economics




(Business) strategy
Business development
Corporate ecological responsibilty
Cultural sensibility
Critical thinking

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Cleanest T-shirt of the planet

In 2014 I designed the cleanest T-shirt of the planet. From an economical, ecological and social point of view. The project was abandoned in 2016 due to lack of funding.


Project TigerTrail

Project TigerTrail was an awareness campaign for tigers. In 2013 I travelled throughout 24 Asian countries, supported by a volunteers’ team, to raise awareness on tiger issues. The project reached an estimated 250 million people.


Most sustainable magazine in The Netherlands

In 2015 I designed and created, in cooperation with Impressed, i-Mag, a magazine made of stone paper. At that time i-Mag was by far the most sustainable magazine in the Netherlands.